Gala de Reconnaissance

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Gala de Reconnaissance édition 2023

Samedi 11 mars 2023 au Calgary Plaza Hotel (1316 33 Street NE)

Calgary and Lethbridge Women's Gathering

Join us on Saturday January 28 at La Cité des Prairies in Lethbridge starting at 11:30 a.m.
Transportation available for women in Calgary.

Calgary Francophone Youth Center (MJFC)

Are your teens enrolled in the PIA Youth Program?
Our program provides a multicultural place to gather, help, support, mentor and coach Calgary youth.
We offer a range of creative and educational activities where teens can explore, discover or develop their natural talent according to their interests.
As a bonus, this space allows young people to create new friendships!

Intercultural parenting workshops

Series of 6 workshops that aim to equip you with new parenting skills and allow you to better understand Canadian culture and its expectations as a parent while keeping your cultural identity.

*Daycare available on request.

Extracurricular activities program

Extracurricular activities program

Session 1: from February 06, 2023 to May 25, 2023

Proposed activities:

  • Help with homework;
  • Nutrition workshop and healthy snacks;
  • artistic workshop;
  • Educational treasure hunt;
  • etc.


The Immigrant Association Portal (PIA)

  • is a francophone organization located in Western Canada
  • offers a range of programs and services for Francophone and Francophile newcomers
  • collaborates with various entities to offer services tailored to customer needs


You are a Francophone woman who has recently arrived in Calgary and/or its surroundings and who wants

  • meet other women
  • participate in recreational and educational activities in French

You are a parent who wants

  • enroll your children in a French-language school
  • see your children participate in activities in French (extracurricular, tutoring, summer camp, etc.)

You are a young person who wishes

  • discover a privileged space for meeting and conviviality
  • meet other young people to discuss in French
  • set up projects between young people

Wednesday, February 01, 2023


Intercultural parenting workshops