After-school Program

The program is designed to assist parents in their important responsibility to provide their children with the tools and skills necessary to meet life’s challenges.

This programs is available for children of 5 years old and over.

Our after-school program, aimed to students in grades 1-12, have the following objectives:

  • Offer support and good quality coaching to school age children by professionals in extracurricular activities;
  • Contribute to the development and successful social integration of school age children;
  • Promote an educational action that complements that of the family and the school.

The after-school program consists of six components:

1. Homework assistance

The homework assistance (elementary) aims to increase school perseverance and success by giving students who need it help in completing their homework and lessons.

The program is offered in schools, Monday to Thursday depending on the school and from 2:45 p.m. to 6 p.m. Students can do their homework and receive help if needed or participate in other activities. Students are supervised by staff who provide support during homework periods.

The homework assistance offers:

  • A tailor-made registration
  • End of day snack

By participating in this program, your child will find the help and motivation he needs to integrate good work habits and improve academic re

2. Online tutoring

Tutoring is a personalized online support to consolidate learning and develop study strategies. Tutoring helps them to improve their educational results, but also to increase confidence and academic motivation.


French, mathematics, sciences, social studies and others

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3. Recreational and educational activities

The main goal of the recreational and educational activities is to promote physical activity, healthy eating and well-being in an environment free from discrimination.

Program activities will consist of a mix of sports, art, cooking, digital creation and others.

4. Day camp

Camp d’été Évasion is a summer camp in French in Calgary, for children ages 5 to 11. This camp gives each child the opportunity to broaden their horizons, to meet young people from different countries with different stories.

The combination of recreational, educational and social activities of the camp allows each participant to thrive in a safe environment free from prejudice.

With us your holidays will be unforgettable, for the following reasons:

Fun and games
Vacations should be fun, right? With so much to do and so many people to meet.

With a program filled with incredible activities, artistic and creative expression, pool jumping, we have it all!

Friends forever
Within this great multicultural environment, it’s the perfect opportunity to create an incredible network of “friends for life”!

5. Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee contest is intended for students from grades 1 to 6 attending Francophone schools in Calgary.

It allows participants to:

  • Promote the practice of French;
  • Enrich their vocabulary, their phonemic awareness and improve their ability of graphophonic analysis;
  • Increase self-esteem and the ability to speak and act in public.

6. 24 hours in French

The 24-hour event in French, which is intended for high school students, aims to:

  • Promote greater social cohesion among youth in French-language schools in southern Alberta by encouraging them to get involved and participate in various activities;
  • Offer young people the opportunity to take an active part in the promotion of Alberta’s Francophonie;
  • Increase the vitality and development of young people in their Francophone milieu;
  • Increase the sense of belonging to the Francophone community.