Women’s Program

Objectives of this program:

  • Break the isolation of women and promote networking;
  • Promote intercultural rapprochements allowing women of various origins to participate together in projects and activities that contribute to harmonious relations;
  • Develop a sense of belonging for women in the Francophone community;
  • Offer the possibility of practicing the French language for those who feel the need;
  • Share the knowledge about community resources available in Calgary;
  • Support and equip women in potential cases of violence and abuse.

Are you interested in sharing and chatting with women from here and elsewhere?

Do you want to get out of your daily routine and expand your network of acquaintances?

Do you just want to have a good time with women?

So sign up for the various services and activities for women!

1. Settlement and integration services

We support Francophone newcomers to integrate and settle in the community of our region, by offering them orientation services allowing them to have access to existing services as well as to information essential for their development and their integration.

We offer the following services:

  • Accommodation search
  • Assistance with applying for social assistance
  • Application for family allowance for children
  • Accompaniment and interpretation as needed
  • Referral to community resources according to client needs (mattresses, clothing, food and others…)
  • Tax clinic
  • Help to complete certain forms
  • Counseling services

2. Coffee-meetings

These meetings allow immigrant women and those of the host community to find a space for free expression, discussion, discovery and sharing of experiences in different fields: art (e.g. painting), knitting, poetry, etc.

3. Thematic workshops

These workshops promote the active participation of women promoting their autonomy, solidarity and a sense of belonging. A wide choice of workshops and activities is offered to women to meet their needs.

Thematic workshops allow us to consolidate or engage new immigrant women. The themes vary according to the priorities of the women: women’s rights, tax declarations, self-esteem, budgeting and others.

4. Intercultural parenting workshops

These workshops  help immigrant parents deal with parenting challenges in a new country and with unfamiliar culture. Parents or grandparents will have the opportunity to discuss their challenges of raising children in a different culture, Canadian parenting laws and expectations, positive discipline and communication.

Sessions in French for parents of elementary and secondary school children.

5. Community Kitchen

Community kitchen is a gathering place that allows each participant to develop a bond of belonging, to break isolation and to fulfill themselves.

It is intended for all women who care about healthy eating and a better quality of life for themselves and their families, while having the opportunity to get involved individually and collectively in their community.

6.Civic engagement workshops

These workshops aim to help participants develop new skills through networking opportunities, learning sessions on the economic, social, political and associative environment.

This initiative provides a basis for meaningfully engaging women and strengthening their role, involvement and participation in decision-making at different levels.

Any woman interested in taking part in the program is invited to complete the expression of interest form below.

The Program Manager will then contact you. You are free to participate or not in each of the activities offered according to your availability.

You can choose to participate in the activities at any time during the year.

To reach the program manager at the PIA office
(Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

Interest form


With this short form, the PIA (Portal of the Immigrant Association) seeks to count the women who have an interest in participating in the monthly activities of the PIA. These activities are aimed at women of all origins, new arrivals or not.


You will be contacted later to inform you about the activities and thus know your interest in attending.


PIA employee
Friends — word of mouth
By day
At night
All of these
Community kitchens
Café-Rencontres (thematic workshops)
Family outings
Community Connections (Francophone Immigration Week; Christmas Party; Family Day; Women's Day)

Thank you for your interest in the project and looking forward to meeting you in one or the other of the activities!